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2019/02/12 10:08
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The rib is a knitted structure in which the longitudinal coils of the front and the reverse stitches are arranged in a certain combination. There are concave and convex ribs on both sides of the rib, the ribs are formed by the longitudinal winding of the front side, and the concave ribs are formed by the wales of the reverse side, and the structure is not so easy to bend as the weft flat structure, and is not easy to be dissipated. And it has excellent extensibility and elasticity in the lateral direction, and is not easy to be detached and curled. This feature makes ribs used in the edge of clothing for a long time, such as neckline, cuffs, cuffs, hem, etc., with good elasticity to close the mouth, easy to wear and exercise. 
The ribbing modification refers to the performance of ribbing in the decoration and beautification of the garment. The use of rib-finishing in knitwear is characterized by human visual perception of beautiful shapes, beautiful colors, and beautiful forms. Because of the stretchability of ribbing, it can form different visual effects when worn and not worn. Therefore, its modification in clothing can be divided into two types: planar modification and stereo modification. The planar modification refers to the modification of the image of the rib in the two-dimensional space; the three-dimensional modification refers to the modification of the rib on the surface of the human body when the human body wears the knitted garment.
First, the rib plane modification
The texture of the rib includes the texture and effect of the ribbed surface, the tactile sensation and visual touch of the constructed tissue and its surface. The stripe effect formed by the rib weaving method can exhibit the visual texture effect of the embossed stripe on the surface of the fabric. This texture characteristic is very easy to form a horizontal stripe or a vertical stripe effect on the knitted garment. The texture of ribbing is composed of lines. The direction, movement and unique changes of the line make the line rich in form and expression. The natural line formed by ribs makes harmony in dynamic and quiet changes. The unity has a unique decorative effect in knitwear.
Second, the rib three-dimensional modification
The human body is a living multi-dimensional moving body, and the design of knitted garments must be based on the human body. Due to the good extensibility and elasticity of the rib, the amount of relaxation can be not only less than the amount of relaxation of the woven garment, but can even be negative when designing the knitted garment. At this time, the ribbing must be close to the human body, and the ribbing-specific stripe effect can perfectly outline the human body curve. Enlarging and reducing the streak effect of the ribs will give the knitwear different stereoscopic effects, and the knitwear will have a completely different visual effect when worn on the human body.

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